mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

Riti Tribali!

Just a short post about my last ascent!

Yesterday, after only four tries in two days, I was able to climb Riti Tribali 8c+ in Angelone(Specchio del Grifone)! A route opened a few years ago by Adam Ondra in one of his visits in Northern Italy!
It is a cool route... it starts in a small cave with some difficult and physical moves on pinches and tufas until you get to a rest! To this point it could be graded 8b!

After the rest you have a hard and continuous part! The wall become less steep and the climb gets very bouldery and intense on slopers and bad feet... You need to be very precise and careful on this hard part since it's very easy to mess up!...
Photos by Could be Worse Photography © Gianluca Bosetti

Here is the actual footage of the ascent by Maurizio Mangione:

Gabriele Moroni - Riti Tribali 8c+ from Granze on Vimeo.

Onto the next PROJECT!...

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