mercoledì 5 giugno 2013

What happened last month!?

Hey there!
After a big part of april in the Frankenjura area I came back in Italy just in time for the 10th annual edition of the Melloblocco event held in the beautiful Val di Mello!
This year the bouldering festival lasted ten days but I got there on thursday evening and took part only at the last three days!
As every year the atmosphere was great and thanks to the good weather during the weekend alot of people came over and everybody had a great time on the boulders and of course in the evenings!...
The "competition" boulders this year were world class! Some problems in the past editions were very contrived. This year the problems were "real ones", this means logical lines and not many eliminations!
Basically I climbed only on friday and saturday but I was able to finish 6 of the 10 proposed boulders. The hardest climbed problem was around 8a+ and has been climbed only twice from me and Stefano Ghisolfi!

During the saturday night party we even showed for the first time in public our now finished Spain film from this winter! No Siesta Spain Trip!
The response from the audience looked great and everybody seemed to enjoy it!...

 After Melloblocco I was feeling tired so I decided to take some rest. Just having fun on the rocks, spending days with friends without having projects and going with the flow!
I spent many days outside bouldering and rope climbing even if the weather has been pretty bad...
So without pressure and enjoying the days out I even climbed some hard stuffs and felt in good shape!

Here is the list of the hardest stuffs I was able to climb during the last month!
- Bibita Biologica 8c (First Ascent)  Arco
- Lapoterapia 8c (2nd Ascent)  Osso

- Dita d'Oro 8c (3 tries)  Maddalena
- La Rosina 8b flash  Maddalena
- Brown Sugar 8a+  Val di Mello

- Toy Boy 8a  Val di Mello

 - El Raton Matado 8a (2nd Ascent)  Gaby
- Special Edition 7c+ flash  Brione
- Ministero dell'Inferno 7c+ (First Ascent)  Gaby
- The Big Courier 7c+ (2nd Ascent)  Gaby
- Nona Misura Naturale 7c+  Val di Mello
- Pendragon 7c flash  Val di Mello

Now I'm getting ready for the Trip I've been waiting for several months... BRAZIL!
Stay tuned for more!

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