domenica 7 aprile 2013

Fast bouldering season!

Hello everybody!

As I said on the previous posts, since I got back from Spain my main interest has been training and getting ready for the trip planned in Frankenjura,Germany!
Back from Catalunya my level of resistence and fitness was very high for my standards but I felt like I had lost big part of my power.

So in the past two months I've been training mainly power! This means, besides campus boarding and some weights, alot of bouldering in the gym and outside at least once per week!
Luckily I live only a couple of hours from the best areas in Switzerland but I don't have many boulders of 8a or 8a+ yet to do...
By the way there are some beautiful pieces of rock I still have to do and here is a list of problems sent during the last weeks between Ticino and Val d'Aosta with some personal grades:

- Flash Flood 8b Brione (2nd ascent FA:Jorg Verhoeven)
gabriele moroni - flash flood from rivoli on Vimeo.

- Baby Mammoth 8a+ Chironico
- Un Ange avec des Cornes 8a+ Cresciano
- The Guilty of the Hilti 8a Brione (not sure about the grade but could be 8a+)
- Black Pearl 8a/a+ Brione (given 8a+)
Gabri_Black Pearl from rivoli on Vimeo.

- The Barbarians were Helpless 8a Chironico (seldom repeated could be 8a/a+...)
- Second Life 8a Chironico (given 8a+)
- Viva il Cavaliere 7c+ Val d'Aosta
- Cuor di Leone sit 7c+ Val d'Aosta
- Pamplemousse 7c/c+ Chironico (Flash. Given 8a)
- Orange County 7c Brione (Flash. Given 8a)
- Highway to Hell 7c Val d'Aosta (Flash. First Ascent)
- Brutalization 7c Val d'Aosta (First Ascent)
- Notte Abbastanza Buia 7c Val d'Aosta (First Ascent)

It looks like the training is starting to pay off and it's time to pack my stuffs and head to Germany... Frankenjura here I come!

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  1. Hi Gabriele,
    I'm wondering about the "best areas in Switzerland" you were talking about...could you enlighten me? ( obviously I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to Swiss spots )
    Anyway nice job in the clips, really impressive!! :D

  2. Partecipi al MelloBlocco? Quando sarai in gara?