martedì 7 agosto 2012

A long and hot july and a bright future!

Hey there!
Sorry again for the lack of updates but after Frankenjura in may I couldn't climb outside much due to other obligations...
In june I spent a week or so in Ceüse in order to start trying Biographie, one of my primary projects for the summer! I had really bad conditions in these days! First wet after a huge storm then super warm and greasy... so I could try it only for a few days but I felt not so bad on the route!
But I had to go back home for a while for some important stuffs before going back to my favourite crag and project!!...
During these days I got a big work offer for all july and after some thought I decided to accept the job! I've been pretty broke lately and this was the best decision I could make! That means bye bye Ceüse for this year!
So the last month has been all about working, training in the evenings and of course possibly climbing in the weekends!
Now the work is kind of over(only a couple more weeks in september), I'm free for all august and I don't regret anything about my decision since it was not so hard as I thought and I feel the training is starting to pay off!...

Last weekend I took part at an international bouldering invitational comp in L'Aquila(Italy) where I ended 2nd after Guigui Glairon Mondet! The event has been great and for a good cause! If you don't know it L'Aquila has been totally destroyed from a eartquake in 2009! The town has a big climbing tradition and organized many important climbing comps in the past... This event was the first organized after the earthquake and it was a good way to know climbing again in the town!
Finals were in the night in a big and packed square! 
I also climbed a couple of days in the local areas and I can't wait to return soon!
Here is the video of the event!

I'm looking forward to the next months! I have big plans for the near future so this means I will travel alot... 
Tomorrow I'm heading to Germany where I will compete at the Adidas Rockstars event! After this I will spend a week or so in my lovely Frankenjura praying for decent conditions!
Then I plan to go to Arco at the end of august/beginning of june. I still don't know if I will compete or not at the Rock Master but for sure I will be around!
September will be all about work and The North Face Climbing Festival in Kalymnos at the end of the month!
In October I will go to Frankenjura for a month!
November I still don't know but I'd like to finish my nemesis project Goldrake in Cornalba!
And probably I will go to Argentina for the Petzl RocTrip!

And finally I'm planning to spend some months in Spain this winter!...

The future looks bright!

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