mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

Some more bouldering,first rope climbing sessions of the year and Milan Bouldering WC coming soon!

Hey everybody!
Spring is finally here and Ticino season is definitely over... I left many projects undone and I can't wait for the next season!
Last weeks in Ticino have been very warm so I moved higher(Magic Wood) or I rope climbed a couple of times!
During my rope climbing days I had the chance to climb two of the best 8b's I've ever done!
Pappataci in Arco

The Doors in Cadarese

I also checked out Sonlerto a nice little area in the Val Bavona. Not many boulders but all good quality!
I was very interested to try Dave's Coup de Grace to see if it could be a possible project for the near future! Except for the first hard boulder(8b bloc) that needs some more work and better conditions, I did all the other sequences very well so I'm pretty psyched to try seriously next fall!

Lately I have been training alot as well. I'm preparing for the first stage of the Bouldering World Cup in Milano coming in two weekends... it's going to be the first WC comp near home and many friends are coming to support me!
After the finals on saturday the 16th there will be a great afterparty in one of the best Discos in Milano so it's better to start getting syked!
Check it out:

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  1. Looks like you were just in time..

    Some people preferred to do "the doors" trad and force their style upon the rest of the climbing community. The debate "to bolt, or not to bolt" is a valid one, but chopping bolts when they had already been placed is just plain stupid imo.