giovedì 6 maggio 2010

World Cup season is coming up next!

Hi everybody!
Here I am again after two weeks of absence...
After I came back from Germany the weather started to suck again here in Northern Italy/Swiss... Very warm and humid the first few days then just rainy... very negative for climbing on rock and back on the closer projects! Plus I got a small injury at my rib muscle doing a stupid move, the only day I went to the rock in these couple of weeks, in Magic Wood... Damn! It hurted alot during the first week that I was not able to climb properly. Now is getting better everyday and I start to feel strong again and almost ready for the next comps!!...
Today I drive to Val di Mello for the Melloblocco event... We will see what happens because the weather forecast is not so good again! As every year though... then we always climb! Syked for the party! It's gonna be great!...
until next time!

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